David… The Actor!?

I was not able to get much done this past week in terms of adding to my portfolio, that’s because I was selected for a commercial gig. If you ever get the opportunity to be part of commercial – take it! They reimburse your travel, lodge, and you get to enjoy some pretty good food too!

The gig took about four days: one to travel, two of filming, and one to travel home. Most of the time I was hanging out in my hotel room reading, enjoying a little break from work. The commercial didn’t have a script and audio was not being recorded, so just to make each take feel fresh, the other actors and I had some pretty bizarre conversations. One of the guys would greet me in each scene with a completely different name, and it was hard not to burst out laughing at some of them. I had always wondered what people were talking about in those commercials where a narrator spoke over them. Turns out it’s anything form the mundane to the crude and raunchy haha.

FootballgameHere is a photo of us enjoying a football game. We had to film in fall apparel in Texas summer so, yeah. We were pretty hot haha. I had a paper towel in my hand the whole time to dab the sweat off my face and neck. Although that part was uncomfortable, it was fun and highly worth it if you have the time and are interested in being an actor. If you would like to find acting gigs like this one, I suggest checking out backstage.com and actorsaccess.com. Both of these are the common sites small time entertainment biz people find work. You’ll need to get a professional head shot(s) taken. A photoshoot often costs around $75 to even $350. I’ve yet to hear of a low budget actor paying a grand or some outrageous number like that for a photoshoot, but I’m sure it happens.

If you would like to check out my backstage profile, you can find it here.

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