Elementor Tutorial

Well, my website has been successfully revamped thanks to the Udemy course  – Complete WordPress Course | Elementor . Unfortunately, I could no longer find it on Udemy, but I did find a link for it on Youtube.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get started with WordPress. Elementor is useful plugin one can install on WordPress to make spiffy websites with only a little stress and a lot of ease. It’s free and super easy! The course took me about a week to complete (well, I technically stopped watching once he began talking about Elementor Pro). I especially liked the links to free stock photos like www.pexels.com and www.unsplash.com. Really cool modern photos at no expense! However, it’s probably a good idea to credit the photographer though when used :\ The one used as the featured image is from Good luck and happy web building!

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