A Month of Practice

Well, I’m back again! Thanks to all who attended The Unexpected Guest. I had a great time playing Henry Angell and working with the rest of the cast. Hopefully the Harlequin will take me back really really soon.

Until then, I will continue to audition and perform in other plays, short films, and commercials. This month I played a background role in two commercials. I sniffed flowers and walked away in one, and in another I talked with other guys at a bar and then we all played a “game” of baseball. Seeing how I did get paid to play baseball, I technically am a professional baseball player (NO BIG DEAL).

I’m also playing multiple roles in Aladdin, performed at Sylver Spoon, a dinner theatre in New Braunfels, Tx. But that’s still to come, it won’t take the stage until April… you’ll learn more about that in the next monthly blog 😉

Rat Pact ComedyOutside of my acting endeavors, I have been providing piano accompaniment in a Comedy Improv group known ONLY as The Rat Pact. We will be making our debut performance Saturday, March 7th. After months of rehearsing and coming up with a style of improv unlike we all enjoy, it is time to share it with the world. We base an entirely original story off of a suggestion from the audience. The hero/heroine will go on a quest to defeat a villain and save the day!… typically. Sometimes it just amounts to the “hero” finally feeling appreciated by discovering years worth of mail in their boot.

The logo for our musical improv troupe was designed by our very own, Michelle Benton, a member of the San Antonio ComedySportz. The name is a pun on the original Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.). It also came up in one of our skits of having a blood oath with a rat. Fascinating stuff!

Come check it out!!

Saturday, March 7th 10pm at San Antonio’s ComedySportz located at 11950 STARCREST DR #210, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78247

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